Dr. Kian Momeni - Dr. Andreas Jaeger - Dr. Hans Strasser

Medical specialists in Urology; Andrology and Medical tumor therapy

Parcside Medical Centre

The Parcside Medical Centre was built in 2005 at a total cost of 20 million Euros by the Austrian Architects Szyszkowitz & Kowalski. The initial idea of the architects was to create a gateway to the neighbouring Stadtpark and being conveniently situated in the heart of Nürnberg. The Centre consists of 8700 m² of store and office space to the highest standards, offering medical professionals with demanding and varied schedules a wide variety of advantages. The centre also offers ample parking space in the underground car park.

Our Medical Centre is continuously expanding its facilities to include a wider spectrum of recognised disciplines in order to integrate traditional and complementary fields of medicine.

Alongside our Urology and Andrology practice you will find 25 other medical professionals with the highest standards of medical excellence including:

- General Practitioners surgery
- Practice specialising in Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Diabetology
- Surgery for Surgical Treatments (General Surgery, Orthopaedics, Proctology)
- Practice for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
- Radiological Practice (CT, NMR)
- Gynaecologists Practice
- Dental Practice
- Neurological Practice
- Physiotherapy Practice
- Podologic Practice
- Anestesiological Practice

Furthermore we have an Ambulantory Operating Centre
- Chemist
- Orthopaedic footwear specialist shop
- Talking Eyes